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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

What type of warranty do you offer?

We supply products that are covered by the product manufacturers’ warranties. We do not warranty products; after thirty (30) days, we leave it up to the manufacturers and their procedures. Please contact the manufacturers directly for all warranty-related issues. Terms of the warranty vary from item to item, from free repairs on the defective product to an entire product replacement. If you have questions regarding specific warranties, please contact the manufacturer or us directly for more information. Please refer to the Defective products section in our Return Policy for additional information.

How do I find product warranty information?

Some Manufacturers provide a limited warranty on select products. Please refer to the warranty information enclosed with a product, which details terms and conditions. If you cannot locate warranty information in a shipment or have questions regarding a product’s warranty, please contact our Customer Service.

What type of Certificates and Reports do you offer?

Some of our manufacturers can provide either Certificates of Conformance, Test Certificates, Material Test Reports, Calibration Certificates, or Certified Engineering Drawings, etc. In most cases, they are free of charge and can be included with the shipment of your order or supplied upon request, while other manufacturers charge additional fees. This is subject to a specific manufacturer's policy.

If any additional documents or certificates are required, please contact us to check if the manufacturer can provide them. The cost of paid documents/certificates is not included in the price of a product and must be paid separately. We will not charge additional fees if the manufacturer provides the documents/certificates for free. However, shipping/postage fees for hard copies of the documents/certificates that are not included with the product and shipped separately will be billed to the customer.

Can you ship me a sample product?

Since Megatop is not the manufacturer, we usually do not offer sample products. However, we provide product sampling when working with Customers on volume/quantity orders.

Does Megatop install the products?

Because we are an online retailer, we do not offer installations. We may advise consulting a professional technician and arranging installation with an approved contractor before completing the order process to avoid incorrect product application.

Are all your products on your website brand new?

Yes, all products on our website are brand new unless noted. At times we may offer specials on Factory Refurbished Items. 

What happens if a product I ordered becomes discontinued?

Suppose we cannot fulfill the order through the manufacturer or another supplier. In that case, Megatop will cancel the order, and you will receive an email notification with an updated status on your canceled item. If there are other items included in the order, we will ship the order without the discontinued item.

Does your website show stock?

Currently, our website does not provide stock information for all products. You will, however, receive an email confirmation with your estimated ship dates once your order is processed.

Is everything in stock?

We make every effort to keep ample stock on hand for frequently ordered items. In addition to the stock we have available in our Vermont warehouses, we have access to manufacturers’ warehouses located throughout the United States. However, immediate stock availability is not guaranteed due to the vast amount of items offered on our site, custom-built offers, and the current supply chain challenges. If you need your item delivered urgently, please contact us to assist you.

Why has my ship date been pushed back?

Sometimes, we wait on shipments from the manufacturers who may encounter part or component issues in manufacturing the products. This may cause a delayed ship date as the unit must pass quality control before shipping out. While we do our best to get your products out to you quickly, these manufacturer delays are unfortunately out of our control.

What is a backorder?

A backorder is a purchased product not immediately available for your order.  A backorder will remain in our system until the item(s) are on hand and shipped. You may contact us to request the cancellation of a backorder item up to the point when the shipment is processed.  Some backorder items are not eligible for cancellation. Please note that Special Order items and custom orders cannot be canceled.

What is the ETA of my back-ordered item?

You will receive an estimate based on when the manufacturer can get the item shipped to you or to our warehouse. This is the best estimate and is subject to change. You may contact us about the status of your back-ordered item at any time.

Will I be charged if an item is on backorder?

No, we do not capture (collect) funds from credit or debit cards before an item is prepared for shipment. In the case of a backorder, you will not be charged until we have the item ready to be shipped to you. Please note that we do not accept PayPal for backorder purchases.

Why do you accept backorders?

We sometimes allow backorders for items that are out of stock but are expected to be back in stock in a reasonable timeframe, and we sometimes allow backorders. We accept backorders to minimize sending you back-in-stock notification emails, and instead, we just work with our suppliers to quickly get you the products you need.

Your website said these parts were in stock - why are they delayed?

We apologize for any miscommunication; however, it is possible that the unit reflected in stock was allocated to another order. Your order will be shipped then from the manufacturer's warehouse, causing a delay. We send an email with a tracking number once your order is shipped.