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What is the Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy?

Some of our manufacturing partners have a MAP policy stipulating that distributors are contractually required not to "advertise" their product below a specific price level. This requirement is part of our contract with the suppliers to resell their products.

A Minimum Advertised Price is a minimum amount that distributors or resellers agree not to advertise below.

Why do the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreements exist?

Although MAP agreements protect seller margins, price isn’t the only concern. Brand identity is also a valued factor for retailers. Consistent and controlled pricing sends a message to buyers: If you want this brand of a product, you’re not going to find it anywhere else cheaper, which ultimately gives the product value.

Other factors include: 

  • Promote fair competition across all distribution channels.
  • Maintain brand identity and value.
  • Allow smaller sellers to compete with larger retailers.
  • Prevent underpricing.
  • Protect seller margins.

Minimum advertised pricing only relates to “advertised” pricing and is perfectly legal under U.S. antitrust statutes. So, essentially, any distributor is limited to advertising MAP-protected products at a certain price but is able to sell these products at any price they choose (often guided by the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price or MSRP).

Currently, there is only one mechanism to display the discounted pricing on the Megatop website within the constraints of our agreement with some manufacturers. The "Advertised Pricing" offered to the general public may be relatively lower when you see the following messages: “See Price in Cart” or “See our Price in Cart.” Once you add an item to our SSL-protected shopping cart, you have entered Megatop’s "online retail storefront" and are no longer on our "advertising website,” therefore, the agreement is upheld, and you will see the actual lower pricing.

  • “See lower Price” or “See our Price” buttons - the principle is the same, just a little faster and more simplified - the amount offered by Megatop is shown instantly on the page.
  • “Log in to see Exclusive member pricing! Why?” - You can buy products at the lowest prices after logging in to your Megatop account. Ask our Customer Service Representative via e-mail, phone call, or Live Chat at any time.
Do you offer price matching?

We do our best to price-match our online competitors. If you find a better price on an item, please email us the link to the competitor's product. Megatop offers low-price guarantees on certain products only. This limitation is because industry prices change quickly and often. All prices are as posted at the time of purchase. 

If, at the time of online purchase at Megatop, you find an identical product nationally advertised for less by one of our retail competitors, you will receive a price match plus an additional discount refund (on a case-by-case basis) within 1 to 5 business days after you place your order.

When calculating a competitor's price, we will consider the competitor's net price at the point of sale - we will not consider mail-in rebates or other forms of deferred savings. Calculation of the amount of your credit will consider sales tax and shipping.

Low Price Guarantee is not valid on competitor close-outs, misprints, special buys, grand openings, anniversaries, clearance sales, promotions, liquidations, auctions, or member club pricing.

We do not price guarantee bonuses or free offers, for example, "buy one get one free.” We will only recognize lower competitor prices from authorized dealers or distributors (approved by manufacturers to sell their products) who have your item in stock at the time of your submission.

We reserve the right to deny our low-price guarantee at our discretion. The model number for the advertised item, manufacturer's U.S. warranty, and accessories must be identical to the model number of the item you purchase at our site.

What is your CAGE#?


Do you have a catalog?

Megatop does not have a paper catalog. As an equipment supplier, the website is our catalog. This means the online pricing and inventory are almost always up to date.  

Does Megatop offer technical support?

Megatop does not offer any sort of technical assistance. We cannot offer advice on the compatibility of products, make product recommendations, or provide sales advice or technical support. We list all product information the manufacturer provides us with. Please contact the product manufacturer directly for accurate answers to the technical questions or specifications that might not be posted on the site.

If statements, opinions, or advice, technical or otherwise, are given to a Customer, such statements, opinions, or advice will be deemed to be given as an accommodation to the Customer and without charge. Megatop shall have no responsibility or liability for the content or use of such statements or advice.

How do I identify phishing or spoofed emails?

Megatop will never ask you for the following information in an email: your social security number, your credit card number, PIN, or credit card security code, your mother's maiden name, your Megatop password, your address, phone number, or other personal information.

When you place an order with incorrect information, you may receive an email from us asking you to correct it. Please login into your Megatop Account to make any updates. We will not provide you with a link in the email itself.

You can also place your mouse over links and pictures without clicking them. Do not click the link if the hyperlink is anything other than Always go to directly to log in. Never submit the information mentioned above through an email.

How safe and secure shopping on

When you shop at Megatop, you never have to worry about credit card safety as we take all precautions to protect our customers' information. We implemented and kept updating several technological protection measures to ensure that your information is protected and secure when you submit sensitive information via our website.

Megatop uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an encryption technology that works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox browsers, so only Megatop can read Customer's personal information. You may see a solid key icon or a locked padlock icon at the lower portion of your web browser window. This ensures that your private & critical information, such as your credit card number, your name, company name, addresses, and telephone numbers, are encrypted. Megatop protects and encrypts with the GoDaddy SSL certificate with strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption in compliance with the US Government's National Institute for Standards and Technology's post recommendations for SSL root key strength.

Among the up-to-date benefits of easiness and security that we use is - one of the most popular payment processors/gateway. Practically all e-commerce software and online storefronts support the Gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable, and secure transmission of transaction data. is committed to safeguarding customer information and provides the most secure and reliable payment solutions. dedicates significant resources toward a strong infrastructure and adheres to strict internal security policies and industry security initiatives. They utilize industry-leading technologies and protocols, such as SSL certificates with strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption, and are compliant with a number of government and industry security initiatives.

Our users' information is restricted in our offices, and only our employees are granted access to the customers' information. All our computers, servers, web servers, and database servers are in a safe and secure area and protected by the required software. Access to the database is strictly protected from outside. We monitor and restrict access with various firewalls and passwords. Our employees are trained and kept up-to-date on our security and privacy policies.

What is Megatop eBay?

Megatop eBay is an official eBay store owned and operated by Megatop. For more information, please visit The only payment method we accept on eBay is PayPal. 

How to check the Status of your Inquiries?

If you have submitted a Quote Request, you can check the current status of your inquiry by logging into My Account and navigating to the Inquiries History page in your account.

Being Processed

Your request has been successfully submitted. We will review your inquiry and email you the quote as soon as possible.

Pending Customer Response

We request you provide additional information required to process your request. We will send a quote once we receive your reply.

Offer Sent

Your request was processed, and we sent a price quote to your email.


Your order has been received.


Your request was canceled. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Why is it important to only purchase from an Authorized Distributor?

As an authorized distributor, Megatop provides the following benefits:

  • First, you are assured of receiving only factory-fresh merchandise. If electronic products are stored on the shelf for an extended time, their characteristics, performance, calibration, battery lifespan, etc., would be affected, even if the products are not used. Unauthorized distributors or resellers are not able to supply factory-fresh products.
  • You are assured that the manufacturer's warranty will protect your purchase. Manufacturers’ product warranties vary across manufacturers. Contact us to learn warranty terms for each brand. 
  • You are assured that you are eligible for special rebates, offers, and promotions.  All qualifying rebates are only valid for purchases from authorized distributors or authorized resellers, and to qualify, you must provide documents that an unauthorized reseller cannot offer.
  • Authorized resellers adhere to manufacturers’ policies to ensure customers receive quality products and services designed for their geographic territory. 
  • Authorized Resellers undergo extensive education, training, and certification to meet the manufacturers’ requirements to position the appropriate solutions based on your organization’s use case.   
  • New products are shipped in manufacturers’ original packaging with original manufacturer accessories and support documents. 
  • Pre-and post-sales assistance from team members with the necessary qualifications and training and access to additional manufacturer resources, sales, and technical personnel.

Before you purchase from an unauthorized third-party reseller claiming "lower prices,” you should also consider the following:

  • Some unauthorized resellers sell products with serial numbers altered or removed, so the manufacturers cannot track how they obtained these units. This voids the warranty.
  • Some unauthorized dealers sell "gray goods" or "parallel import" versions of the products. These are similar versions that were not intended for distribution in the USA.
  • Some of these products can have different voltages, accessories, or instruction manuals that are not written in English.
  • Some resellers will sell refurbished products without informing you of this. Please be aware of these potential pitfalls and buy from an authorized dealer.

Megatop's high level of service continues after you have made your purchase, and we can assist you with the shipment, exchange, or return of your order.

What are the coupon codes rules?

We make every effort to give you more opportunities to save money. You can always take advantage of our special offers, special discounts, promo codes, and coupon codes! 

Our store offers both valid throughout-year coupons listed below and limited-time offers. You may also find our coupons on social networks, with exclusive coupons available for social network subscribers only, and you may always email us or request a quote to get your own exclusive offer!

Online offers do not apply to gift card offers and cannot be used in combination with any other certificates, offers, or discounts on payment on account. Online offers are not valid on previous purchases. Shipping fees and taxes do not qualify towards the minimum purchase.

When accepting promo codes and coupons, we adhere to the following simple rules:

  1. Only Megatop coupon codes are accepted.
  2. The coupon codes may be applied to particular brands only.
  3. The item must match the coupon description (brand, size, quantity, color, etc.).
  4. The coupon applies only to qualifying items displayed on the item detail page.
  5. The coupon may only be used in our store and in conjunction with the purchase of products shipped and sold by our store.
  6. Applicable shipping, handling charges, and tax apply to all products (except when coupons are applied to shipping charges).
  7. Only one coupon code may be used per customer (unless otherwise noted).
  8. Promo and coupon codes are valid through 11:59 p.m. EST on the day they expire (unless otherwise noted).

Megatop reserves the right to accept, refuse or limit the use of any coupon code without any prior notice at our discretion.

How to join the Megatop Affiliate Program?

Megatop offers a great selection of top-quality industrial equipment, tools, instruments, safety, and security products from a select group of U.S. manufacturers. We proudly work in such markets as maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), heating, ventilation,  air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R), industrial pipe, valves and fittings (PVF), electrical, construction, utility, automotive, medical and a variety of other industries.

You can join the Megatop Affiliate Program on for free and earn a commission on all sales generated by your site.

Program Highlights:

  • Commission: 3%
  • Average Order Value: over $450.00
  • Continuously updated promotions and coupons
  • Professionally designed and maintained banners and text links
  • ShareASale exclusive merchant.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at