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Sensors ultrasonic

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39 items (Showing 1-24)
39 items (Showing 1-24)
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Level & Distance Senix TSPC-30S1-232 ToughSonic 14 Ultrasonic Sensor, 30mm THD + 2 Nuts, 2 Outputs Plus RS-232 Configuration Interface$599.00
Level & Distance Senix TSPC-21S-485 ToughSonic 50 Ultrasonic Sensor, SS316, with Clamp Mount, 5 Outputs Plus RS-485 Configuration/Network Interface$999.00
Level & Distance Simtech UFM 502 4 015-C4-F KYNAR PVDF/FPM Ultrasonic Filling Lvl Sensor, 4 wire 4 - 20mA(50mm)$3,125.00
Level & Distance Senix TSPC-15S-232 ToughSonic 30 Ultrasonic Sensor, 1.5 in. NPT, 5 Outputs Plus RS-232 Configuration Interface$729.00
Level & Distance Senix TSPC-25P-232 ToughSonic 50 Ultrasonic Sensor, Dual 2.5 in. NPT Threads 5 Outputs Plus RS-232 Configuration/Network Interface$929.00

What are the key features of Senix ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors?

Senix ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors are renowned for their robust construction and versatility. Key features include:Multiple Outputs: Options for 2 to 5 outputs, supporting various applications.Configuration Interfaces: RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces for easy setup and integration.Durability: Models with stainless steel (SS316) or KYNAR PVDF housings for harsh environments.Range and Accuracy: Available in various ranges, such as 14 to 50 feet, with precise measurement capabilities.

How do ultrasonic sensors measure level and distance?

Ultrasonic sensors measure level and distance by emitting high-frequency sound waves. These waves reflect off the target surface, and the sensor calculates the distance based on the time it takes for the echoes to return. This non-contact method ensures accurate measurements in a wide range of applications, from liquid level monitoring in tanks to distance measurement in industrial automation.

What applications are suitable for the Simtech KYNAR PVDF/FPM Ultrasonic Filling Level Sensor?

The Simtech KYNAR PVDF/FPM Ultrasonic Filling Level Sensor is ideal for applications requiring chemical resistance and high durability, such as:Chemical Processing: Monitoring levels in chemical storage tanks.Water Treatment: Measuring levels in harsh or corrosive environments.Industrial Automation: Integrating with automated systems for accurate fluid level detection.

How do you configure and install a ToughSonic ultrasonic sensor?

To configure and install a ToughSonic ultrasonic sensor:Mounting: Secure the sensor in the appropriate location using the provided mounting options (NPT threads, clamp mounts, etc.).Wiring: Connect the sensor to your system using the specified interface (RS-232 or RS-485).Configuration: Use the provided software or interface to set up the sensor parameters, such as range, output type, and application-specific settings.Testing: Verify the sensor's operation by running tests to ensure accurate measurements.

What factors should be considered when selecting a level or distance sensor?

When selecting a level or distance sensor, consider the following factors:Environment: Ensure the sensor material (e.g., SS316, KYNAR PVDF) is suitable for the application environment.Range: Choose a sensor with an appropriate measurement range for your needs.Outputs and Interfaces: Select the required outputs (analog, digital) and configuration interfaces (RS-232, RS-485).Installation Requirements: Consider mounting options and ease of installation.Accuracy and Resolution: Ensure the sensor meets the precision requirements of your application.